Health Care Law 6842

Generic names are group of medicines that are not branded.

Medicine: Generic Name vs. Brand Name

Generic names are group of medicines that are not branded. It is the nonproprietary or chemical name of a certain drug. In other words, it is the generalized term or name used for a group of a drug that has the same effect. Examples are Mefenamic Acid, Analgesic, Ibuprofen and so forth. In contrast, branded names are names of drugs that has proprietary name. It is usually seen in the television advertisement commercialized of being endorsed using any type of media. In other words, it is a specified name for a drug that is out on a market for a purpose of gaining profits. Usually, when you go to a drug store, and you will make use of the generic name or sometimes called alternative, it will be expected for the pharmacist to give you a list of specific names, from the cheapest down to the most expensive brand. But with the usage of the brand name, the pharmacist will look for it and give it directly to you requiring the buyer or consumer to pay for the drug’s given cost or price. There is no actually issue about what a consumer should choose. It is apt for the consumer to be selective enough if she or he would be practical to go after a generic which he or she expects to be cheaper than that of the commercialized one which is a little costly.